Implementation calendar (GANTT)

Main activities of the project WP 1

Main activities Sub-activities Anticipated results
1.1 National Doctorate System Diagnosis Selection of a team of experts for carrying out the diagnosis study R 1.1 Recommendations regarding doctoral schools construction/ structuring the national doctorate system
Elaboration of a diagnosis methodology of the present national doctorate system status - methodology which is going to be used for external evaluation

1.2 Consultancy of decision-makers, relevant partners and external experts in order to define the key features of the Doctoral School Model




Selection of external experts;

R 1.2 Institutional model frame of doctoral schools organizing




Elaboration of an executive summary of  Diagnosis Report, as a starting point of a consultancy process
Elaboration of a draft of strategic document regarding the priorities and alternative options of the national and European doctoral school system, as a starting point of a consultancy process
Development of a consultancy process, elaboration of an Intermediate Report regarding the Doctoral School Model
1.3 Defining the key features of the doctoral school as a main element of the national doctorate system  Publication of the interim doctoral school model on the project ‘s site, in order to be discussed by the public R 1.3 Specific access procedures, evaluation, PhD students professional development
Defining the institutional nature aspects: organization, interdisciplinary character, flexibility, financing, human resources, activities;
Defining quality insurance indicators/standards of the procedures and accreditation methodologies

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July 2018

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