Anticipated results

Diagnostic analysis of the doctoral studies – based on a complex sociological research; 

Defining a doctoral school model by consulting decision-makers, partners and experts; 

Testing out the doctoral school model in the partner universities and validating it; 

Conceiving a new-doctoral studies policy.

WP1. Constructing the development frame 

R1.1. Recommendations regarding the construction of doctoral schools / the structure of national doctoral system  
R 1.2.Institutional model for the organisation framework of the doctoral schools 
R 1.3. Specific procedures for the admission, assessment, and the professional development of doctoral candidates 
R 1.4. Set of indicators assessing the quality of doctoral schools/programs and related procedures 
R 1.5. Curriculum framework for doctoral study programs 
R 1.6. Doctoral school training modules
R 1.7. Accreditation procedures for doctoral school 
R 1.8. Integrated model of doctoral school 

WP 2. Doctoral School Model Validation 

R 2.1. Doctoral school piloting procedures 
R 2.2. Recommendations for the improvement of the doctoral school model
R 2.3. Validated doctoral school model 

WP 3. Project management
WP 4. Communication 

R 4.1. Visual Identity guidebook 
R 4.2. Communication strategy

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