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adidas last year with the famous fashion media Hypebeast together to create a joint footwear is eyes a bright shoes, rounding the ultra boost original shoes body bracket, minimalist style. Now, it seems, Adidas will actively promote the official version, this pair of upcoming shelves of Adidas ultra people "uncaged" is due out will use upper Primeknit, in gray as a background intertexture black, creating a similar to the NMD R1 shoes camouflage color effect. At the same time, this section of the upper will also use new lace design, and narrowed the shoe cylinder design similar to socks like elastic and ultra boost outsole design will be the same. currently does not have accurate information on the sale of this shoe, interested friends please continue to pay attention to us to obtain the latest information. image source: sole Guangdong Province Economic and Trade Commission deputy director of research Li Xiaohua statistics show that in the first 4 months, Shenzhen port exports 660 million pairs of shoes, an increase of 4.9%; value of 1 billion 570 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 26.6%. But exports to different markets, such as Europe and America, have declined in varying degrees. The first 4 months, Shenzhen port exports to the United States 140 million pairs, down 12%; exports to the EU 81 million 80 thousand pairs, down 17.8%; exports to Hongkong 48 million 480 thousand pairs, down 24.6%. Total exports of these 3 markets accounted for 40.8% of total exports of shoes at Shenzhen port. according to the Shenzhen customs official, in the EU to extend to China and Vietnam to produce leather shoes anti-dumping i cheap jordans nvestigation, the European Commission announced that from May 1, 2009 onwards, all products are exported to Europe in two methyl fumarate content should not exceed 0.1 mg / kg, and the material is widely used in shoe etc. textile products sterilization and mildew treatment. The Italy Ministry of Health issued an order, as the requirements for products were confiscated and mildew detection using the material, and especially pointed out the need for a thorough investigation of the China products. American Apparel and Footwear Association also announced its global list of restricted substances RSL fourth edition revised version, including two methyl fumarate restricted substances, including formaldehyde, pesticides, heavy metals, flame retardant, asbestos etc.. In addition, the earlier United States terms of "buying American goods" raised the threshold for other countries to export goods to the United states. Under the barrier of heavy trade barriers, the export of Shenzhen port to the European and American markets has slowed down markedly, and the share of exports has declined steadily. in sharp contrast, Shenzhen port footwear products to ASEAN, Africa, Latin America and other emerging market exports to maintain substantial growth. According to Shenzhen customs statistics, 1 to April this year, Shenzhen port exports to ASEAN 120 million double, increasing 1.1 times; 63 million 60 thousand pairs of exports to Africa, a substantial increase of 61.8%; exports to Latin America 60 million 940 thousand pairs, a substantial increase of 88.4%. the western area in China is still the main export destination of shoes, a high deg jordans on sale mens ree of dependence on the European market, the main market of exports, the challenge will be more severe for the vast majority of "growth" as the mode of development of the domestic footwear enterprises to bring. In this regard, the Shenzhen customs suggested that the relevant departments should intensify efforts to guide the transformation and upgrading of the industry, enhance product quality, enhance product exportsNew England Patriots is a new England patriots in Massachusetts in the greater Boston area American football team, the team launched a NIKE and NIKE LUNAR FORCE 1 new joint new shoes to the team's exclusive leather navy blue color, match Swoosh and 3M reflective silver lining, white bottom in LUNAR under a black rubber soles, and insoles on tongue team logo full show shoes inspiration. The new price of $150 to offer love, friends can look at. new-england-patriots-nike-lunar-force-1.jpg (85 KB, download number: 0) download NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS X NIKE LUNAR FORCE 1 2014-11-24 09:27 upload new-england-patriots-nike-lunar-force-2.jpg (86.27 KB, download number: 0) download NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS X NIKE LUNAR FORCE 1 2014-11-24 09:27 upload patriot, Massa Chusetts, new England, Boston, football 00Childhood dream to Liu Xiang Nike Sportswear customized "The Dream Pack" series of products 2013-12-08 22:20:36 2012 Fall, Nike & nbsp; Sportswear for China's Liu Xiang tailor a special product series "TheDream & nbsp; Pack". The series Xiang childhood dreams inspired design made, including Tee and NikeCortez shoes. & Nbsp; there is a hero Liu Xiang childhood dream, he wants to be an excellent special forces, to defend th jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black e homeland. Although Liu Xiang did not grow up to become special forces, but Liu Xiang still have a fearless determination and courage to challenge themselves, glory for the country in track and field. Designer Liu Xiang's dream and his own patriotic feelings, and fearless spirit of the movement into the product details, using camouflage graphics, digital design, and color to create a product with a military style, this ????? people cast classic moments. & Nbsp; The & nbsp; Dream & nbsp; Pack product will be on sale in late July at designated shops Nike, NikeCortez suggested retail price of RMB749, Tee suggested retail price of RMB229. & Nbsp;Nike is very optimistic about the situation in emerging markets & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network May 11 hearing, after adidas China, the performance loss, Nike was expected the next five years including Greater China region, including emerging markets, the annual revenue will be 10% The rate of growth. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; analysts believe that if Nike can not develop the second and third tier cities in China sporting goods market, achieve 10% annual growth target difficult. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike global market is divided into six regions, the first piece is developed regional markets, namely North America, Western Europe and Japan; the other one is in emerging markets, including Greater China, Eastern Europe and Central Europe market, other emerging markets. Nike said the 2015 fiscal year in emerging markets, such as Greater China total annual revenue increased by 30 billion to $ 3.5 billion in existing infrastructure will, at a lower double-digit annual growth ra jordan shoes online sale te. Nike 2009 and the first three quarters of fiscal 2010 total revenue of emerging market $ 3.58 billion & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As of February 28, 2010, Nike fiscal year 2009 to 2010 three quarters of total revenue in emerging markets was 35.8 billion US dollars, thus estimate Nike's all emerging markets revenues for the fiscal year about $ 4.8 billion, in fiscal year 2015, this figure will become 7.8 billion - $ 8.3 billion, which means a year at a rate of about 10% growth in order to achieve this goal. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the Chinese market situation, Nike to achieve an annual growth rate of about 10 percent is not easy. Three quarters of the 2009-2010 fiscal year, Nike Greater China revenue of $ 1.277 billion, down 4%, despite a rebound in the third quarter results, revenue grew 10%, but observers are not optimistic about the sports goods Nike in China development of. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The industry Linwei Yue on the "First Financial Daily" said: "Nike Greater China annual growth target of 10% is not high, the annual growth rate to domestic sports brands It is much higher. "Li Ning (02231.HK), Anta (02020.HK) 2009 annual turnover growth in more than 25%, Pick (01968.HK) 2009 annual turnover growth of 51.6%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Linwei Yue said that the domestic sports brands have been able to achieve high growth, because the second and third tier cities in the country stood still, and Nike because the price is too high, restricting the Nike stores open to the second and third tier cities, only in the main cities, but from the development potential, the development of second and third tier ci cheap air jordans ties than in larger cities. Li Ning company, for example, in 2009, the total number of stores Li Ning brand in the country has 7249, the new 1004, of which more than 80% of new stores and the new business area focused on the domestic second and third tier markets. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to Nike's plan, the next five years to open 250 to 300 Nike brand outlets in the world, these stores will be concentrated in the world's most upscale shopping. Nike, we believe that with the continued implementation of the high-end strategy, fiscal year 2015 revenue will reach $ 27 billion, compared with $ 191.76 in fiscal 2009, an increase of about $ 8 billion.Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Palladium vintage stone wash shoes in early spring 2014 Listed 2014-02-24 21:06:12 In the spirit of the city to explore the French brand footwear brand Palladium tide line over the years introduced numerous classic boots, successfully ran in Paris, conquering New York, Milan, London, Tokyo and other fashion center. This spring and summer, Palladium continues combination of fashion trends and traditional culture, introduced the latest French vintage Stonewashed series, colorful choice can certainly become matinee night games unbeaten outfit mixing accessories. The new Palladium Stonewashed Collection upgraded to 14oz of anesthesia canvas shoes to 200 degrees special stone wash treatment, showing a bright eye-catching retro effect. The brand's iconic fighter tire integrate cutting end, places Clean latex and Die-C jordans on sale online ut Eva midsole sandwich together on a yellowed retro effect, with the return to school of nostalgia. Whims neat models, with a retro outfit decadent personality, led the city through time and space ranger and experience back to the hippie era of the golden age, in the concrete jungle adventure wanton shuttle, leaving a brilliant play footprint. line Stonewashed Vintage stone wash shoes will be listed on the country in early February. FILA 96 "Olympic" Black Friday resale 2013-12-09 00:08:25 1996 ?? Hill with the dream team for the Atlanta Olympics three, eight straight victories to win the Olympic champion, was worn by the foot of Hill is this FILA 96 "Olympic". In August this year, has been short boots engraved too overwhelmed to meet after Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping festival, FILA, particularly in the official website of the way to ultra-limited sale again this shoe, in the North American time at 0:00 on the 29th, conditional The students quickly to try luck. Nike Air Raid Retro "Peace" in-kind exposure 2014-02-24 21:04:38 Nike in 2014 engraved outfield classic shoes & nbsp; Nike Air Raid message at the end of last year has been determined, overwhelmed, a & nbsp; Air Raid Retro "Peace" color physical exposure on the network, as the name suggests , the new color to the theme of peace, shoes are supplemented by special totems at different locations dotted pattern of dark lines printed with anti-war signs on the iconic cross straps. There is no exact information about the sale of the shoe.Jordan Brand based on this classic type of shoes, injected new elements, bring this new theme Air Jordan 1 Retro High Premium Shadow Camo ""! The color scheme for the gray, red and white color, a large area of the shoe body 3M reflective camouflage patterns, even in the sun also has a faint halo flow, followed by adding a new "AIR 23" embroidery is dazzling details. The Jordan 1 Retro High Premium Air "Shadow Camo" has been on the shelves, the sale price is 1199 RMB. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Premium number: AA3993-032 sale price: 1199 RMBThere will be two pairs of Air Jordan 11 at the end of , we have already begun to look forward to After in white and blue Air Jordan 11 "UNC" on sale in November 24th, in addition to a red color Air Jordan 11 "Chicago" to determine the date of sale, followed by will be launched in December 9th. This two color will return to the Air Jordan 11 OG shoes and detail design, familiar with patent leather dress, nylon mesh cloth shoes, upper collar and tongue trapeze embroidery and heel 23 offset, with perfect heart feeling OG year Air Jordan 11 UNC number: 378037-123 release date: November 24th price: $220 white and blue color in the UNC North Carolina theme, shade of the collocation show Air Jordan 11 consistent movement temperament. and red color as the Chicago Chicago name, this one red festive dress, with the end of the Spring Festival time, presumably there will be a lot of people want to start. Air Jordan 11 Chicago number: 378037-623 release date: December 9th after the 2017 forecast of AIR JORDAN 11 Jordan Brand color, although this year the big move, breath made two normal volume 11 AJ, than in previous years are a pair of normal volume, then that is what dark limited this is out of print, the conscience to place, but experienced the JAM color, SPACE 72-11 paragraph two of this classic, red and blue and white AJ 11 Chicago UNC, personal inferior.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] when the domestic sports brands have exposed high inventory, performance decline, the international big glory had also embarked on a downhill. Yesterday, Adidas released 2013 earnings, according to the exchange rate constant calculations, the brand in 2013 in Greater China sales revenue increased 7%. After Beijing Daily reporter combing found that the growth rate of Adidas Greater China last year hit the lowest in nearly three years, the growth rate of the past few years and this is the first time into the single digits. Reported Adidas Greater China sales revenue last year, 1.655 billion euros, for a 7% growth rate, high Skyline director of Adidas Group, general manager of Greater China, said: "We have entered 'the road leading to 2015' strategy The lower half stage, the progress achieved delighted. " However, comparative data from the point of view, last year's growth rate is clearly not optimistic. In the overall domestic economic growth slowed, consumer downturn, the sporting goods industry generally fall into decline, as Anta disclosed in its earnings report it, "Chinese sports industry in general face of excess inventory, and retail channels overexpansion and mismanagement the challenges, "At present, several major sports brands are still struggling, the international brand naturally escape. Some industry insiders believe, Adidas and other international brands through the early rapid growth in the domestic market, has been caught in the dilemma of growth momentum disappeared, inventories began to increase. Previously, Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Zoufang and Shi Changshi found it when local sports brand in the domestic promotion of a slight fever in, Adidas and other international big discount fighting still going on, part of the sales staff said the new products is played 5-9 fold range of concessions. The reason for the big international sports current difficulties experienced sluggish growth, the key to the Beijing Sports Advisory Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang Tao think, on the one hand is affected by ZARA, Uniqlo fast fashion brand influence, on the other hand is in three or four lines City suffered a strong blocking local brands. Even so, earnings from Adidas look, last year, the Greater China region, or higher sales growth of the brand. Calculated according to the exchange rate remains unchanged, the adidas Group 2013 sales revenue increased only slightly under 3% of the value of its sales in several regions of the world are showing single-digit growth, which is the emergence of Western Europe 6% fell. As for this year, for Adidas, Greater Denver area will also be important. "We will continue to maintain strong momentum Adidas, will launch a series of innovative products and marketing activities, as well as 2014 World Cup in Brazil, all of which will help to maintain a healthy Adidas in China, lasting development." High Skyline said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & nbsp; shoe.)